Tips to help you prepare for your studio newborn photo session

What you wear for your shoot will have a huge impact on the final photographs.

Below you will find some tips on what works for the different types of sessions. I have included some links and images to give you inspiration.

Wardrobe choices is something we will discuss in our pre-session phone consultation. I am also on hand at the beginning of the session to look at different options and offer my advice.

Dresses in general work really well. Have fun with accessories to add pops of subtle colour and dimension to your portraits.

I recommend clients keep wardrobe choices really simple during newborn sessions. In these cases, you don’t want the clothing overpowering the baby.

I adore parent & baby skin to skin shots, they are very natural and moving. It is a good idea to discuss skin to skin shots with dad before the session, they may need some time to come round to the idea.

For mum we can use a wrap and expose the shoulders that way or you could just wear a simple vest top.

Otherwise simple clothing is the key, a plain white or black fitted top for dad. For mum lace looks beautiful as does white and pastel colours. They key is to both be in similar colours. I when colours flow into one another in my images so similar colours work best to keep the images soft and calm.


Feeding and a full tummy is absolutely everything when it comes to photographing a newborn, so please bring extra bottles or prepare to nurse at your session. If you are nursing and do pump – bottles of your milk also help.

You are more than welcome to bring food/snacks and drinks with you. We will be there for a while and I want to make sure you are comfortable as much as you can be. Plus food is a great way to keep the littles happy. Just ask that you don’t bring anything too messy or will stain. 

Once you have your baby, you should contact me as soon as possible so that we can schedule your session date and time. Newborn session are best done when baby is 3-12 days old, when they are the most sleepiest and flexible. Please expect to schedule your session in the first week. 

I always go at babies pace and you should expect the session to be anywhere between 2-4 hours long. Please don’t be alarmed by the time needed, we have to stop for several diaper changes and feeding breaks during the session that can extend the session time. 

It would definitely be a good idea to have your young children practice holding your newborn before the session, this helps prepare them to hold the baby when I see them. 

Also, one other important tip, share with your husband (and children) that we are just going to have fun and take pictures at the same time. I want everyone to arrive relaxed (Mom’s included). The best pictures are when we can get that natural emotion of love, joy and your families true dynamic. If a hair or two is out of place, it is never noticed because the connection is so strong.

I hope these few tips helps to prepare you for your upcoming newborn session with me.

Looking forward to seeing you and your new little bundle.

Lauren x

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