Baby’s nursery, where to start?

There are so many options to choose from when decorating your new baby's nursery compared with the old standard of pink, blue or yellow. There are blinds, flooring, wall mural, wallpaper etc. This is just the decorating, we are not even going on to furniture yet. However this is all very exciting but here are some good tips.

Keeping the walls and flooring a neutral colour allows you to use the soft furnishings as pops of colour and its easy to change too once you change your mind and especially if you have kept the gender of your baby as a surprise.

Nursery decorating ideas & tips - Newborn Photography Inverclyde

Pinterest is a good place to start. Get the app, make a new board 'Baby's Room Ideas' and save your favourite pins to it. You will probably see the same type of colours come up that you prefer and go from there.


Instagram has hundreds of hashtags to follow for baby room ideas. I often get caught up in eyes are swayed by pretty things!

Here are some links to more beautiful inspiration:

You do have more time than you think to get the nursery perfect as it is recommended by the NHS that your baby sleeps with you in your room, in a separate cot, for at l east 6 months. So there is really no rush to finish the nursery by the time your due date comes around. But if you are like me and always need a project and want things to be perfect for baba’s arrival, better get you paintbrush or wallpaper brush ready for action.

Have fun